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Contest closed as of June 1, 2010. Winners will be announced on July 1. All prizes will be awarded. Due to lack of interest from Canadian poets, we are not sure when this contest will be run again. Check back for further news.

How to enter the Canadian Christian Poetry Contest:

1. This contest is open to Christians who are Canadian citizens residing in Canada at the time their entries are mailed to us. You do not need to be a member of Utmost Christian Writers to enter this contest, but you must be a Christian believer and a Canadian citizen living in Canada.

2. Send up to 10 poems with your entry fees to: Utmost Christian Writers, 121 Morin Maze, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T6K 1V1 (Do not send entries by email.) Make your check payable to: Utmost Christian Writers. The entry fee is $10 per poem.

3. Poems may be rhymed or free verse, up to eighty (80) lines, but must not have been published previously or have won any prize in any previous competition of any kind.

4. Poems must not be simultaneously entered in any other contest, nor simultaneously offered elsewhere for publication.

5. Each poem must be typed as a separate manuscript, with no name or other identification on it. If your poem requires multiple pages, number the pages.

6. Fill out the entry form and include it in the same envelope as your entries.

7. Include an entry fee of $10 per poem. (Make your check payable to: Utmost Christian Writers.)

8. Be sure to send only copies of your poems (not originals) as manuscripts will be destroyed following the competition. In no case will entries be returned to entrants. Please do not send a SASE with your entry.

9. Deadline is June 1. Entries must be postmarked June 1 or earlier. Winners will be announced publicly on this web site on July 1, 2010 (CANADA DAY).

10. By accepting a prize, any winner of a cash prize of $200 or greater authorizes Utmost Christian Writers Foundation to post the winning entry at the Utmost web site in perpetuity. This may include Utmost in Canada and/or Utmost International. Poets retain copyright and all other publication rights to their work. We place no restrictions on the rights of winners to publish or sell their work elsewhere following our announcement of winners.

11. Prizes will be sent by first class postal mail. ALL PRIZES WILL BE AWARDED.

12. Poems will be judged by an independent committee of poets under the administration of Utmost Christian Writers Foundation founder, Nathan Harms. Under no circumstances will Utmost Christian Writers or the judges enter into discussion with any contestant. In each quarterly contest prizes will be awarded as follows:



13. In no case will prize amounts be reduced or substituted. Winners will receive announced cash prizes even if the number of entries is fewer than expected.

What is a Christian?

In previous years we have had a number of people ask whether they are "Christian" for the sake of our contest. It's not our desire to judge religious beliefs—or to enter into doctrinal disputes—but we hope the following will be helpful.

If you are Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish or any other identifiable religion that does not put forth that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and Savior, then you are not a Christian for the purposes of our contest. If you are an agnostic or atheist you are also not a Christian for the purposes of this contest. We mean no disrespect to you or your faith.

A Christian is a person who believes Jesus Christ is the only Savior, that He died for the sins of the world and that He rose from the dead. A Christian has accepted the sacrifice of Jesus' life for his or her personal sins, and is attempting to live as Jesus Christ taught we should.

Aside from these basics, we ask you to judge for yourself if you are a Christian.