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Lorraine Buck

Honorable Mention 2008 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Winter): $50

About this Christian Poet:
Originally from Montreal, Lorraine Buck is now living on Prince Edward Island, teaching Religious Studies as a part-time sessional lecturer at the University. She first became interested in Christian poetry when she studied the Oxford Movement as a graduate student and read John Keble’s The Christian Year, an offering of inspirational poetry for each Sunday and holiday of the year. She began writing her own Christian poetry in 2006.

Ode to Biblis

Martyred in the Roman province of Gaul during the persecution of the Christians, 177 C.E.

Fair Biblis, full of grace is she
Who to her Lord sings hymns of praise
As heavenward she casts her gaze—
Sublime felicity.

O Roman mob, so pure is she
Whom you pursue, denounce, defile,
Whose precious Saviour you revile—
Short-sighted treachery.

Fair Biblis, full of dread is she
Who, dragged before the courts, complies,
Her Lord she curses and denies—
Unrivalled misery.

O Satan, so downcast is she
Whose weakness bears your godless name,
You've left her mired in guilt and shame—
Extreme effrontery.

Fair Biblis, full of hope is she
Who with remorse now bends to pray
That all her fears God will allay—
Faith's quiet mastery.

O Tribune, so exposed is she
Whom once again you've seized and racked
False information to extract—
State-sanctioned thuggery.

Fair Biblis, full of joy is she
Who this time hears the Lord's commands,
Rome's frightful torments she withstands—
Unequalled bravery.

O loving Lord, so blessed is she
Whom You have chosen to redeem,
Frustrating Satan's heinous scheme—
Christ Jesus' victory.

Copyright©2008 by Lorraine Buck