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Patricia Peters

Honorable Mention 2008 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Spring): $50

About this Christian Poet:
Patricia Peters is a Saskatchewan poet. She studied Creative Writing at St. Peter's College in Muenster. Her work has appeared in CV2 and in a textbook on Silence and Pedagogy. She lives in Swift Current with her husband and infant son. She anticipates the completion of her MA so she will have more time to write during the baby's naps.

The Time When Kings Go Off to War

Fading sun glints off bare shoulders salted with tear saturated bath water.  Shadows strain to darken your silence.  When he comes back smelling of battle and sleepless dusty nights, he’ll say he can taste longing on your skin.  Solitude curdles clouds across the chilling sky. 

Another.  A look.  Who is this man, this self-important king of spies whose embrace pulls you into his palace his bed his arms his hold.  Submission is the taste of sand.

Red: to colour conception  fear  anger  the blood on your hands  your neighbour’s lamb suddenly the colour of son  grief   gone.

Arms twice empty reach for you in sleep then awake to recoil.  Regret is a swallowed stone heavy on the floor of your heart.  Your wife curls herself cold into a granite widow.  You hibernate, wait for the thaw.

Copyright©2008 by Patricia Peters