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Connie Spuria

Honorable Mention 2008 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Spring): $50

About this Christian Poet:
Connie Spuria works in the field of career advisory and lives in Southwestern Ontario with her husband and two children. She became connected with poetry this past fall while up in the night feeding her infant child. She now finds herself hooked on developing her craft, writing thirty poems over the winter. Resonant themes are family and self awareness.


Is it any accident your baby came in April?
Not at all like you, Mother pushing, making
hard guttural sounds, bleeding and blubbering. 
Not you, you laboured through hard home study after
home study, you wore on like a warrior, living life
in a syncopated rhythm, silently going underground
like the blubs, missing from family photo albums,
a baptism. He signed the card, went without you.
What did you do?  Defrost the freezer, thaw food,
fill a flour canister, label shelves with a label maker,
shake heavy blankets and fold them up all over again?

The clocks sprung forward and in the repeated hour
life gave you another chance in a single phone call.
In a second you could tolerate sweet baby pink after
a wait longer than wanton winters, blossoming scents
ready to wake you.  Will tulips smell the same to you?

You looked up pushing the pram passing people
you now notice smiling, peaking at a creamy sea,
dots of pink, her bonnet white like a polar ice cap,
cooing like a lovable dove on cue, by next April
her coos will turn, as veritable as warmth, into mama.

Copyright©2008 by Connie Spuria