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Marcia Lee Laycock

First Prize 2008 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Spring): $250

About this Christian Poet:
Marcia’s writing began in the attic of her parents’ home where she wrote poetry and short stories for her dolls. She says they never complained so she kept it up. Since those humble beginnings, God has led and blessed her with publication in magazines, newspapers, and on the web. Her work has been heard on CBC radio and has won many prizes, garnering praise from writers like Janette Oke, Mark Buchanan and Phil Callaway. She has self published two devotional books and in 2006 won the Best New Canadian Christian Author Award for her novel, One Smooth Stone.
Marcia has been on the executive of Inscribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship for several years and has taught writing workshops for Inscribe and The Word Guild as well as other organizations across the country. She is a sought-after speaker for women’s groups.

Marcia leads a busy life as a pastor’s wife, mother of three girls, and handler of two adolescent Golden Retrievers and a six-toed cat. See her website at www.vinemarc.com

Dying to Live

Willows and poplar reddening, ready
for the bursting, splitting free of
sap surging out of
winter’s hold

Snow edging slopes like the hem
of a woman’s slip trailing
purity mislaid
reveals its fragile
underpinnings of grey translucence

Snow rimming hills like the strap
of her camisole
to be tucked back in
swallowed again
by darkened earth
the sad silence of what has been
melting into a shouting of
sweet new green

while the land lies tawny, weeping
water from its hardened breast
slowly slowly drips
becoming rivulets
becoming streams
becoming torrents

feeding the frenzy to
live again
breathe again
in wholeness

Copyright©2008 by Marcia Lee Laycock