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Patricia Anne Elford

Honorable Mention 2008 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Summer): $250

About this Christian Poet:
Patricia Anne Elford is active in several concurrent callings, the emphases varying or overlapping from one time to another:  clergyperson, educator, editor, facilitator/presenter, and professional writer, published in many genres. Her work has placed or won in international, national and area competitions, and found a home in Glad Tidings, The Presbyterian Record, The Artspaper, ChristianWeek, Esprit , Dialogue, The Fellowship Link,  ETFO Voice, The Presbyterian Message, The Pembroke Observer, The Petawawa Post, The Upper Room, numerous newsletters and in three anthologies.

About this Poem:
Living close to CFB Petawawa, we have many active or retired military neighbours. Worshipping at the Base Chapel, teaching English and French to soldiers and military spouses, having recently served as Chapel Life Coordinator when Padres were scarce, I’ve a raised awareness of the Canadian flag (and, sadly, its flagpole position). The beauty of the flag’s reflection in our rural lane’s puddle, and its consequent breaking apart seemed to be too symbolic of Canada’s behind-the-scenes infighting to be ignored.


It's rained.
Puddle on a sandy drive,
Bright red and white, flashing on the surface:
Military neighbour's flag, reflected in its glass.

Dancing on water,
Brilliant in sunshine.
Pride flutters proudly.

Now wind-agitated,
The image, shattered image
Splatters through the mud-pool:
A reflection more valid than the symbol above?

Copyright©2008 by Patricia Anne Elford