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Judith Frost

First Prize 2009 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Winter): $250

About this Christian Poet:
Judith Frost is a wife and mother of one (gifted!) teenage daughter, living in Montreal, Quebec. Along with poetry, Judith works at learning the craft of children's writing, pieces quilts (slowly), and enjoys hosting a group for young moms. She has been honoured to have her work appear in Time of Singing, Esprit, Glad Tidings, Utmost Gallery, Devozine and Prairie Messenger.

The Ants' Part in Opening the Peony

I am happiest
on days when tides slip wash
beaches and raindrops bounce
off the drawn sheet of the lake
Raccoons step out of a wood
with spring kits trundling behind

I am happiest when every corner
of the planet speaks in pieces
of the puzzle of your hands moving
slowly through the crowd
I pace you along the route, cheer
victories small, extend a hand
to a crumbling wall, a leaning tree

I search rooms for you
in every conversation,
every heart stiff in its unborn state
impenetrable as the bud of the peony
knotted tightly, facing inward,
sensing the gentle movement of the ant
encircling its walls, searching
for the hidden door, the weak place
in the linking of plated shields

Something awakens the heart
to want and the miracle breathes,
lets go. Time lapse would show
His hands, supporting extravagant
splash of petals falling
into place

I am happiest when I weep,
watch you peel away the pain

Copyright©2008 by Judith Frost