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Daryl Wocknitz

Honorable Mention 2009 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Winter): $50

About this Christian Poet:
Daryl Wocknitz was born in White Rock, British Columbia. The youngest of three brothers, he was blessed with a “relatively” normal family: a mother who adored him and a father who worked hard, so he would be well. Diagnosed with a short attention span and an off the scale IQ in elementary school, the subsequent finding that he was also a manic-depressive-schizophrenic led inexorably to one conclusion...the boy was a born poet! His only accomplishment of note has been finding God at the tender age of eighteen: “AD ASTRA PER ASPERA”

Adam: On Mortal Skin

Where branches tender as Virgin Earth part, then whisper
together, their feathered leaves anchored and bowing,
obeisant to ground and man. Sly now, his steady tread
wanders a serpentine path, hugging perfect shadows.
Pale and naked, for the first time sweat shines on mortal skin.

Is the cloudless blue deepening? The breeze carries
a chill, the faraway promise of something called rain.
Dark nascent feelings, strange to flesh, drive him
from between columned trunks, where spear-tipped
rays pierce limbs, hands and feet.

God's footsteps sound louder now and brighter than sun cast
diamonds. The Voice of Love, shattered and broken, pleads:
"Where are you? What have you done?"
Arms, cumbered with shame and leaf, fall trembling at his sides,
the man turns his face from Light and flees to the gathering of the night.

Copyright©2008 by Daryl Wocknitz