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Daryl Wocknitz

First Prize (tie) 2009 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Winter): $125

About this Christian Poet:
Daryl Wocknitz was born in White Rock, British Columbia. The youngest of three brothers, he was blessed with a “relatively” normal family: a mother who adored him and a father who worked hard, so he would be well. Diagnosed with a short attention span and an off the scale IQ in elementary school, the subsequent finding that he was also a manic-depressive-schizophrenic led inexorably to one conclusion...the boy was a born poet! His only accomplishment of note has been finding God at the tender age of eighteen: “AD ASTRA PER ASPERA”

Keats in the Field

Past muddy derrick and steaming sump, there is poetry.

You see it in the wind, ringing the rigging: a tall brass bell, its tragic lines hunched in the callused hands of a lone Parisian. You feel it tousle your grease-salted locks; its inky fingers wrap you, beating your heart, swelling your centre. You hear it in the well practised cursing of the toolpush: a strange language of a far land, redolent with palm, spice, and sand-skinned natives, their slick lemon eyes glittering in the sun.

Like Death, the sour gas stings your nostrils and steals your breath. Your waking dreams melt, like a clock on the wall, like wax wings in sunlight. The ground screams up at you all diesel rainbows, spinning jewels, and bitterness.

Now no one will know
how rich and dark and primal
was your poet soul.

Copyright©2009 by Daryl Wocknitz