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Christy Frost

First Prize (tie) 2009 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Winter): $125

About this Christian Poet:
I am a homeschooled student from Montreal, Quebec. I have enjoyed writing for a long time but have only recently become more serious about poetry. I have a cat and a dog and enjoy reading, writing, Irish dancing and talking to friends.

Vox vocis

All great poetry must begin thus
With the date scribbled in the margin
Broken ballpoint pen
Found in a parking lot, gripped
Between nervous fingers
The paper crisp and white
But not like snow, never cold or distant
Starched like the sheets neatly made up
on the first marriage bed

All great poetry must begin thus
Sitting on the white washed porch of a rented
Cottage, with tulips softly lipping
The side of the lawn
The ideas still young enough to
Crave your milk and old enough to cry

Copyright©2009 by Christy Frost