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Alvin G. Ens

Honorable Mention 2009 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest: $50

About this Christian Poet:
Alvin G. Ens, an Abbotsford BC resident, writes mostly free verse. He has three books of published poetry: Musings on the Sermon (2002), meditations on the Sermon on the Mount and other scriptures; I Am the Poem (2005), selections of his years of teaching; and Rural Roots (2007), a reminiscence of his boyhood on a Saskatchewan farm in an ethnic village. Two other books by Ens are Village Roots (2007), a family history —a companion piece to Rural Roots—and A Kingdom Kite (2008), a collection of both prose and poetry of his Christian pieces.

Guiding Light

What quantum leap led magi
from seeing a star
to interpreting it as
a birth announcement?
What inner light bade investigate,
to find significance in
a far-off regional royal birth?
What laws of geophysics,
utilized or suspended,
directed a guiding star?
What primitive theodolite
led wise men to note
the star was overhead?
What lack in finding supernatural guidance,
what reliance on human reason,
bade them ask a mortal
Where is he, born king of the Jews?
What second look or earthbound knowledge
bade them move on to Bethlehem?
What extraterrestrial guidance
caused a star to hover over one house?
What illuminated the darkness
within the human soul
that led to worship?
What guiding light
moved this wonder
to be the kingpin of theology?
And what study of the geophysical universe,
what guiding light,
leads me to worship?

Copyright©2009 by Alvin G. Ens