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Margaret Drage

Honorable Mention 2009 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest: $50

About this Christian Poet:
Margaret Drage is a poet from Southwestern Ontario who cares deeply for the natural environment and for the spiritual side of life. A former teacher of English and Creative Writing, she enjoys painting, gardening and her grandchildren.

A Day In God's Life

Soft black flower of midnight
unfolds its petals
studded with bright stars

as the long stem of darkness
reaches roots of tomorrow
unearths a new dawn face

plants bright daylight smile
in place of a swirling frown

stretches mid-morning earth limbs
beneath trend-setting teardrops
hair brushing winds

to stir the infant wheat heads
into a natural curl

as afternoon fingers of warm sunlight
tease thin green tendrils
of prairie grasses

out of the warm and sensuous mist
of evening's cooling form, a new darkness
gathering behind Heaven's colorful wings.

Copyright©2009 by Margaret Drage