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Tricia Larose

Honorable Mention 2009 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest: $50

About this Christian Poet:
Originally from Sudbury, Ontario, Tricia is currently living and working on a remote fly-in island in Northern Saskatchewan until Fall 2009 when she will be in Europe completing a Masters in Science.


Beads of water,
Hidden within
The consistent viscosity
Of the stream of your love—
Bounce off the flesh
Of my fingertips, and
Wash through
The secular chains of my rugged disbelief,
To erode my doubt, and
Soften my defence,
Like the face of a rock cut,
Weathered over time.

Resuscitate me,
Breathe life into my
Impure heart and looted spirit.

I pray that I may
Transduce the signal
Of your salvation, and
Find the strength
To reject the fear
That rescinds my ability
To act in your image.

Copyright©2009 by Tricia Larose