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Daryl Wocknitz

First Prize 2009 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest: $250

About this Christian Poet:
Daryl Wocknitz was born in White Rock, British Columbia. The youngest of three brothers, he was blessed with a “relatively” normal family: a mother who adored him and a father who worked hard, so he would be well. Diagnosed with a short attention span and an off the scale IQ in elementary school, the subsequent finding that he was also a manic-depressive-schizophrenic led inexorably to one conclusion...the boy was a born poet! His only accomplishment of note has been finding God at the tender age of eighteen: “AD ASTRA PER ASPERA”

The Question

Father are You there? My keyboard taps return
to me: empty, like the space beneath
beating wings, like the pause between
heartbeats, like the moment before
lungs expand, and I wonder will the next breath
ever come?

Father are You there? Buried deep in plastic letters,
my trembling fingers poke and prod, seeking the solid,
the symbols Divine, the meaning to define this thought,
this mortality, this sin soaked being, this soul so lost,
this far off son.

Father are You there? In my time of stress and emptiness,
will you come? Will You be the One to hold my hand
and stand beside me? Will You fill this dark and jagged
hole and restore my faith once more?

Father are You there? Have I fallen too far to find You?
With my filth of broken trust and sin, am I something
best left behind You?

Father are You there? With arms spread wide in welcome,
are You there? And do You Love me?

Do You still Love me?

Copyright©2009 by Daryl Wocknitz