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Nishan Swais

First Prize 2010 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest: $300

About this Christian Poet:
Nishan Swais lives with his wife and two children in Toronto, where he currently works as a lawyer. He is the author of several works on the law and holds a Master's degree in Philosophy from Carleton University in Ottawa. In his spare time, he coaches youth baseball, plays guitar and writes.

Ontological Sonnet

All Being is predicated on faith:
No earthworm moves but through promise of soil.
Each heaving volcano pledges the toil
of its voluptuousness to skygrace.
Birdflight longs for the assurance of air
while waves push blue intransience along.
Even clouds breathe their puffy whiteness on

There is vanity in worldly choosing
to be, expectorating life in hours
minutes, seconds..; yet the substance of man
is hollow, lost in anxious unlosing
of what it does not have and never can.

On stems of faith alone Being flowers.

Copyright©2010 by Nishan Swais