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Matthew S. MacLennan

Second Prize 2010 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest: $200

About this Christian Poet:
Matthew S. MacLennan grew up in Chimney Corner, Nova Scotia. He now lives in Vancouver, where he is studying to be a high school chemistry and sciences teacher. He has always been interested in the relationship between science, philosophy and faith and their situation in the human experience and these characterize his poetic, scientific, educational, and philosophical endeavours. Always an admirer of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and Jacques Maritain, he believes that faith and reason are the wings on which the human spirit rises to full contemplation of the truth. To love and be loved—for this we were made.


could i smile?
midmorning sun
tyndall in ablaze
about the dusties
every breath on pause

i had chaosed back in
eddies coyly tangent
graceful to the stationary objects
modestly carrying my expectations
like the gliding smile of my bride

on the worst spot in the room
stands a mug that could have been empty
tannin-plated but there only a mouthful left
and an exhausted sachet black of tea
commixed with oil from her lips

It was hers!

It was hers!

Copyright©2010 by Matthew S. MacLennan