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Anne Laidlaw

Judge's Favorite: 2010 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest: $50

About this Christian Poet:
Anne Laidlaw, artist, poet and writer lives in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Her poetry has appeared in Mamashee and won 3rd place in the Sault Ste Marie Arts Council Poetry Competition. She has published articles in Catherine, Evangelizing Today's Child and Church Educator. An award-winning artist, Anne teaches intermittently at the Art Gallery of Algoma and at other workshops. Passionate in her love for Christ, Anne writes and teaches Bible studies and speaks at women's conferences and retreats.

landmarks lost

there's no north no compass
in the sewer of impatience

desperation drowns out choice
and cowardice quakes up reasons
to fly the panic flag

shall I walk the plank
look overboard
or take any port in the storm

shall I turn the rudder
in the womb of what's next
or search and scratch
for the finger of direction

but I call the bluff
and pray a may-day
and launch the lifeboat
into illusion's lies

purity's peace now anchored
on His majesty's mast

and I fly the freedom flag

Copyright©2010 by Anne Laidlaw