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Sabrina L'Heureux

First Prize (tie) 2007 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Fall): $125

About this Christian Poet:
I am a Christian poet and fiction writer and have been writing poems all my life. I studied creative writing at the University of Victoria and currently teach French Immersion in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, where I live with my husband. It's amazing to see how God has given me the opportunity to do the two things I'm passionate about; teaching and writing. I hope to continue doing both in some form or other—we'll see where His plan leads me.

Car nap

The day we arrived
the road spun wet through
green hills and hay fields.
The buildings like so many dice
tossed into a shallow dish.

Here, the grass breaths quickly
before the crust of snow,
the fields in hibernation until summer.

As if I went to sleep
and someone buried my mountains
filled my lake in with hay
turned off the rain,
painted white stripes
on the crows,
and called them magpies.

No more bicycle streets
or row upon row of Tercels,
shiny two-doored thumb-prints
next to the fists of 4x4s.

Here, the shadows on the valley
fall from the clouds,
not the buildings,
and when I sleep
the only sound is the distant
groan of thunder,
and the occasional rumble
of an oversized truck forcing
its way around my corner.

Here, people are struck more often
by lightning than by cars,
the buses are counted on one hand,
and every road
leads out of town.

Copyright©2007 by Sabrina L'Heureux