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Alvin G. Ens

First Prize (tie) 2007 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Fall): $125

About this Christian Poet:
Alvin G. Ens, an Abbotsford BC resident, writes mostly free verse. He has three books of published poetry: Musings on the Sermon (2002), meditations on the Sermon on the Mount and other scriptures; I Am the Poem (2005), selections of his years of teaching; and Rural Roots (2007), a reminiscence of his boyhood on a Saskatchewan farm in an ethnic village.

From Coast to Coast

I've studied the ceiling
from my hospital bed
till every pot light
becomes the lesser moon
and every traction rail
an intercontinental railway
every ceiling tile a province
with Saskatchewan's rift
leaking the Qu'Appelle Valley
and every ceiling vent
an Arctic cold front
the provincial tiles being
spliced by the BNA
And the charter
notwithstanding the all-knowing clock
like a national capital
with its twenty-four hour face
beacons Nunavut at 2000 to equality
in so criss-crossed a dominion
from sea to sea

Copyright©2007 by Alvin G. Ens