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Peggy Fletcher

Honorable Mention 2007 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Fall): $25

About this Christian Poet:
Peggy Fletcher is an Hons. Visual Arts graduate from the University of Western Ontario, and taught Creative Writing at Lambton College. She lives in Sarnia with her writer husband John, and her work has appeared in Ascent Aspirations, Mobius and Verse Afire.

Group of Seven Worship

Across Algoma’s face, bright fingers fly
of northern sunlight heightening Nature’s hues.
It traces stony cheeks, begs artists’ eye
to stop awhile, behold the wondrous blue
of sky and water caught above the thigh
of rising rock, the sensuous morning mood
that speaks of consummate beauty undefiled
and begs a prayer from all of us who choose
this naked landscape, pristine in its blaze
of earthen temples frozen in the lens
of those whose vision sought to offer praise
and capture Canada’s soul, in true ascent.

The holiest of goals, their gifts portrayed
preserves the love of God in painted ways.

Copyright©2007 by Peggy Fletcher