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Peggy Fletcher

Honorable Mention 2008 Canadian Christian Poetry Contest (Winter): $50

About this Christian Poet:
Peggy Fletcher is an Hons. Visual Arts graduate from the University of Western Ontario, and taught Creative Writing at Lambton College. She lives in Sarnia with her writer husband John, and her work has appeared in Ascent Aspirations, Mobius and Verse Afire.

Looking Down Life

Pillars of old white stones
drifting in meadow green silence
a cache of long buried spirits
communing with the present

their dead voices humming
among sea bitten winds
striving to be heard, the frozen
sound bytes of yesterday’s people.

Among them, the slender bones
of a blue ribboned child pilloried by time
speaks volumes about disease, hardship
and the sharp destiny of loss

Curled in her child-like memory
a song of the shadows, dancing along
sun-lit coves, spine tingling waves
a poem about life written in the corner

of some oceanside graveyard, magically redeemed
by unremitting faith,  a host of the dead
entertaining the mind, dancing and singing
forever in some heavenly dreamscape.

Copyright©2008 by Peggy Fletcher